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Our Specialties
Manufacturing of Traction Power Transformer 21.6-30.24MVA,132-27KV.
Repairing of Power & Traction Transformer.
Overhauling of Power Transformers, Traction Power Transformers and Generator Transformers.
Switchgears Services.
Repairing of LOCOMOTIVE type HETT-5400-3900KVA for 25KV conventional locomotive Transformer.
Erection Testing & Commissioning 765KV Voltage class Auto Transformer & Reactors at Site.
EPC Work of Traction Substation & SP, SSP in Indian Railways.
Insulation and drying out of Power Transformers and Traction Power Transformers.
Condition monitoring of Power Transformers and Traction Power Transformers.
Supply of spares.
Conservator Modification with Air Cell.
Erection Testing & Commissioning of Power Transformers and Traction Power Transformers.


Welcome to Vishvas Power Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd.

Incorporation :-

M/s Vishvas Power Engineering. Services Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated at Nagpur in 1995-96 with a vision to render specialized services in HT Switchgears & transformers. Founder members – directors & promoters of the company had a rich experience with a reputed OEM Crompton Greaves Ltd. and this experience was sharpened to convert into expertise by the Directors. All directors are electrical engineers and had direct exposure to work areas such as Quality Assurance, testing-commissioning, After sales services. They also had an indepth experience in servicing of these products prior foundation of Company.
Initial Exposures of Company : -
Based on expertise of promoters – directors Company could get an opportunity to carry out overhauling of 100 MVA & 250 MVA capacity transformers in the initial stages. This work exposure was adequate enough to carry out all needed refinements and investments to become an equivalent or better company in the fields of services & overhauling of power transformers in comparison with existing OEMs.
Unique Approach of Company  :-
Business scenario in India during 95-96 was that OEMS were not having dedicated departments to render additional services such as overhauling, dryout of power transformers. Technical ability of any OEM was not the issue but desire to take up this business was not there due to many reasons. M/s Vishvas Power Engg. Services Pvt. Ltd. took a right benefit of this vacuum in the field and put themselves to become a most preferred company rendering services for power transformer overhauling-reconditioning and repairs to the extent where facilities were available. Giving solutions to customer at his doorstep was the business idea continuously keeping company on track and making themselves better day by day.

Actual uniqueness of company was in approach of sharing experiences and educating customers where it was needed. The Company had already adopted transparent TQM approach in all work areas and they never considered it as a problem to educate customers or share experiences.

Company today have carried out more than 100 No. of interactive seminars discussing issues of customers about power transformers and sharing their experience and information with customers & end users of the product.
Incorporation :-
By year 2000, Company was more known for its contribution in the field of giving services of overhauling-reconditioning of power transformers. Business focus mainly shifted to power transformers while contribution in the field of switchgears reduced. At par status with existing OEM’s was also achieved in these services business by this time.
Business Focus :-
M/s Vishvas Power Engg. Services Pvt. Ltd. has overhauled more than 350 no. power transformers today ranging from 10 MVA- 315 MVA and majority in 132 KV – 400 KV. A brief statistics can display company’s experience & expertise in the field of overhauling & reconditioning of power transformers.
Brief statistics about Experience :-
132 KV upto 25 MVA Substation Trs 50 No.
220 & 132 KV 30 to 50 MVA Stn. Trs. 1 CT, Grid Trs. 25 No.
220 KV 100 MVA Auto Transformers 40 No.
220 KV 200/250 MVA Generator Transformers 60 No.
400 KV

250 MVA/315 MVA

Generator Transformers 20 No.
15.75/6.9 KV

Unit Auxillary Transformers

30 No.
Strength :-
Company’s strength is in the habit of continuous improvements. This has been made a drive and more of a habit to review operations and carry out improvement. Promoters-directors are today identified as experts in the field. A team of dedicated supervisors, engineers & workmen with a very solid bond between director’s & themselves is also a strength of Company. Due to dedication level of actual workmen & Supervisors, customers are at mental comfort during the period when work is carried out in their premises.
Repositioning of Business :-
 Company directors have a close rapport with end users. By year 2005-06 it was being realized by directors that company needs an infrastructure to manufacture windings and repair transformers at factory or at sit. as the case may be. Considering already existing boom in the industry some outsourcing from OEM was also possible. These factors made the directors to reposition the business to the concept of providing of TOTAL SOLUTIONS on Power Transformers. This new vision and actual investment lead to establishment of a New repairs unit at Nagpur by Jan 2007. Initial capacity was focused at 132 KV 50 MVA with a clear vision to make the unit capable to repair transformers upto 220 KV, 250 MVA by year 2010.
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